About Dan Tudor

Since the age of 10 when he took apart his parents’ stereo, fixed it, and put it back together (without any parts left over), Dan Tudor has been in love with devising technical solutions to life’s challenges.

Dan has been working with internet applications and websites since 1995. He led the team that built the first internet trading application for retail stock trading. Dan served as Vice President of New Accounts at Fidelity Investments eBusiness unit, giving him a keen sense for brand development and customer relationships. As a consultant at TVisions/Molecular (now Roundarch Isobar), he led teams developing websites for retail, insurance, and life science clients in the U.S. and Canada for companies such as Staples, Perkin Elmer, and Marsh McClennon.

Dan’s goal is┬ádeveloping websites and crafting solutions that allow his clients to own their website rather than have their website own them. He has a depth of experience in financial services, customer service, retail, as well as the hospitality industry, being both a culinary school graduate and having experience in both fine dining and catering kitchens.

He spends his spare time in the kitchen making charcuterie and beer.